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Didi and Baic signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build a new energy vehicle operator


  On March 7, Didi Chuxing signed a strategic cooperation agreement with baic group to promote the operation of new energy sharing vehicles.On the basis of their respective advantages and extensive cooperation, the two sides have conducted in-depth business cooperation in new energy vehicle operation, big data application, travel service, customized car and charge exchange.

  The signing ceremony, drops travel, founder and CEO chengwei said: "the electric car will play a key role in the field of sharing travel, Didi may speed up the building operation, filling with baic in electricity and other supporting services, provide support for the development and popularization of new energy vehicles.Internet + travel is not divided, new energy vehicles and intelligent driving innovation, Didi of hope and manufacturers travel ecological intelligence sharing, giving full play to the advantages of the Internet technology and operating accumulation, push the car industry upgrading."

  By Didi in the field of mobile travel lead at the top of the data and technology advantage, gives automakers for sharing travel scale, intensification of auto operation ability, promote the popularity and development of new energy vehicles, contribute to the national energy revolution and green technology innovation.

  For the layout of the new energy era, Didi will make "intelligence sharing travel alliance, automobile, energy industry partners hand in hand, in the automotive design production, SanDian of intelligent driving technology, the core technology, market, etc., after filling in the electric network and common construction of new energy vehicles operating platform.

  The signing of strategic cooperation with baic is an important step in promoting the construction of intelligent Shared travel ecological alliance.Didi will provide the manufacturer with intelligent car rental operation capability, the operation and management capability of the driver and the team, and provide the personnel training, financial solution and other system

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