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More favorable conditions for new energy vehicles


  The government work report of the NPC and CPPCC this year pointed out that the new energy vehicle purchase tax incentives should be extended for another three years, and the policy of removing second-hand car restrictions should be completely eliminated。

  The extension of the preferential tax policy for new energy vehicles has a lot to do with at least three aspects。First, in terms of scientific and technological innovation, new energy vehicles not only bring about the innovation of automobile power, but also gather a lot of scientific and technological achievements。In a way, smart cars have become the fundamental innovation with strong spillover effect。At present, the domestic intelligent automobile industry is developing rapidly, and maintaining preferential policies for new energy vehicles is a huge pull for the automobile industry。Second, in terms of environmental protection, replacing traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles with more new energy vehicles is of great significance to environmental quality and public health。Third, the reduction of new energy vehicle purchase tax will further stimulate automobile consumption, thus forming a strong consumption driving force, which is conducive to the cultivation of new economic growth points。

  The key to developing new energy vehicles is to get more consumers to embrace new energy vehicles, which will have to further strengthen the comparative advantage of new energy vehicles.In addition to the tax incentives mentioned in the government work report, there are a number of areas of concern.Some consumers worry about charging pile installation problem, for example, although most of the dealer promised free for users to install charging pile, but in the actual execution involved some uptown garages are not qualified, property does not allow, and so on .This requires that these practical considerations be taken into account in policy design to reassure consumers.For example, new energy vehicles can be given more preferential treatment in terms of road traffic and license plate acquisition.Many limited cities now open "green channels" for new energy vehicles, which is undoubtedly a rather targeted move.In addition, experts suggest that new energy vehicles can be paid less or free of road tolls, car insurance benefits and so on, all worth considering and exploring.

  The increasing popularity of new energy vehicles is the general trend, and policy support is conducive to accelerating the process.But in the final analysis, domestic automakers are still needed to produce more new energy models with global competitiveness.Talking with the product itself is the most fundamental and effective strategy for new energy vehicles to seize the market.

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